What Is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing is among the latest and evolving marketing type where you get to enhance your business’s presence on a global level through the Pinterest social media platform. Here, the users get to explore, store and share tons of visual content that they find interesting. By uploading relevant and useful content that speaks significantly of your brand, you can draw healthy traffic towards your services too. Each Pinterest user has their own board where they pin the content or post that they like.

If you want your Pinterest business account to reach your potential customers as well, you need WillShall’s expert Pinterest marketing services in India. With a powerful marketing strategy, Pinterest could increase your brand’s value and awareness quite easily and effectively.

Why Pinterest Marketing?

As compared to your Facebook, Instagram, and other dominant social media platforms, Pinterest is more suitable for e-commerce. In fact, it has successfully converted more browsers into buyers than most of the other digital marketing channels. As per a report, 83% of users buy a product after discovering that brand on Pinterest. Besides, once a user pins your post to their board, it is going to be there for a lifetime allowing the users to keep you and your brand in mind for a long time.

Pinterest offers all types of content from written blogs to video content which proves beneficial since 85% of pinners prefer visual content over others. Plus, unlike Instagram, Pinterest lets the users click through live links that make your services more reachable to the buyers. The uniqueness and newness of this platform have attracted heavy traffic and this is why you need Pinterest marketing services for your business that will grow your brand on this emerging social media channel.


Our Expert Pinterest Marketing Services

Account Set-Up

Pinterest for business and personal use are two very different things, which is why the first thing our expert marketers will assist you with is creating a promising Pinterest business account. Our years of experience in digital marketing helps us to know what exactly your profile is missing and build it up accordingly. Once we complete your profile, we will optimize your Pinterest account for more effective results.

Content Creation

Whether it is Pinterest or any other social media platform, unique and engaging content is the backbone of your marketing strategy. Our marketers know what type of digital content your Pinterest campaign needs. Our team of skilled and experienced writers and designers will provide attractive blog posts, infographics, and custom illustrations that will help you and your posts stand out among the rest and lure your targeted audience towards your brand.

Pinterest Account Management

Our Pinterest marketing service also includes social media management for your Pinterest account. Keeping your business’s niche in mind we will firstly create a keyword-rich username and profile description, then create your Pinterest boards with relevant descriptions for each, along with posting new pins, and optimizing both new and older pins. We will also engage with other similar pinners to help expand your brand’s reach to your potential customers successfully.

Pinterest Ad Campaign

With the help of our professional marketers, you could promote your products and services through Pinterest ads as well. We will guide you to choose the right pins to promote, use keyword-based content for promotion, and find out the right audience for you to target. With time, we will also measure the progress and see what could be done to make the ads even more productive and rewarding.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Experienced

Whether you are looking for a Pinterest marketing service in India or any other, WillShall is your one-stop destination. Been in the industry for a while, we understand every nook and cranny of digital marketing and have ample experience to help you formulate and set up an effective Pinterest marketing strategy that will enhance your Pinterest presence.

We Are Skilled

Our Pinterest marketers are well-versed with modern-day customer’s needs and therefore plan and proceed with your Pinterest marketing campaign accordingly. Once you choose us, our dedicated marketing team will use their skills to figure out what’s best for your business. We will first review your business and where you stand in the market right now and further create a strategy that is perfect for your brand.

We Are Affordable

We are dedicated marketers who will not only provide you with excellent marketing services but will also be easy on your budget. With a top-class Pinterest marketing service availed at a reasonable price, you can take your business’s Pinterest presence to new standards without having to affect your budget too much. Affordability is one of our main features that we are proud of.

We Are Reliable

The moment you pick us, you don’t have to worry about your brand’s Pinterest growth anymore. You can rely on us completely to help your business succeed on Pinterest and draw decent traffic to your Pinterest board. We take pride in our Pinterest marketing services and will not treat your business any less than our own and work on it with sheer dedication.

Pinterest Marketing FAQs

Choosing an experienced Marketing Agency plays a vital role in the success of your business.

Pinterest Marketing is the process of using Pinterest to promote your business by reaching customer base who are active on the platform. Pinterest is a most dominating platform today on internet with over 1 Billion active users which provides an opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services unlike traditional promotional mediums.

Would you like to get your business noticed and grow with a broad customer base? If so, then Pinterest can be a magic wand for you. Some of the vital steps to market your business on Pinterest are:

  1. Set Up your Business Pinterest Account, optimise it with putting information of your business to drive the traffic.
  2. Create user engaging posts that attracts the users.
  3. Target the larger Pinterest following with hashtags.
  4. Boost the post with active and inviting captions and respond to your followers.
We have tailored our Pinterest Marketing plan to suit all businesses in different industries and sizes. Our marketing plans are customizable as they will suit any type of business, so businesses can choose from any of our plans to get succeed. Contact Us for a more detailed plan that suits your business.