Why migration from Magento 1.x
to Shopify is recommended for you?

Magento has already announced the End of Life for it’s Magento 1.x version from July 2020, which means no quality fixes or security patches will be deployed for Magento 1.x after July 2020,

All Magento users can stick with the Magento platform and upgrade their respective stores to the Magento 2.0 OR they can migrate existing stores from Magento to Shopify.

Shopify is an establisted hosted eCommerce Platform

Numerous businesses including Magento 1.x around the globe are now switching to Shopify. It has many advantages over Magento 1.x such as Magento is open-source software that requires you to provide hosting whereas Shopify is itself a hosting platform that can manage all your hosting needs. Wide range of available Apps on the Shopify store will fulfull your exisiting requirements.

Let’s Start the Migration

Shopify Migration

Experienced Team

We have experienced team developers who are equally expert in both Magento and Shopify, which leads to the smooth migration process. Having a good experience in Magento is key for migration to the Shopify store. We have migrated small to medium-size stores.


Customization is key, if you want to add some custom functionality after migration from Magento 1.x to Shopify, our skilled developer will assist you.

SEO Support

SEO support is crucial for any migration process, it is natural to have a difference in traffic after migration due to change in the platform but if it is not handled by the expert team, it may result in huge loss to traffic and rankings. Our Digital Marketing team is highly skilled in the migration process, especially for eCommerce platforms.

If you are planning to migrate your e-store
to Shopify successfully, follow the below-given steps:


Set Your Goals & Prepare Accordingly

After you have analyzed why you need to migrate your store, the first thing to do is prepare a complete database about your current website that contains every important information. These are details such as which page has the most traffic, which page has the higher conversion rate, etc.

Site Design

Choose and Set a Site Design

The next thing for you to do is select a design for your site. Well, the primary way to do that is by using the same design as before. It can at least help you get a start and allow customers to identify your brand without any difficulty.

Shopify Mobile

Install Apps

Install Apps that You Want

In the Shopify app store, you will find plenty of applications that suit the different needs of your website. You can check how many of these are already available on your theme. If it helps you, you can create a list of apps that you need for the store. Then you can make the purchase.

Migrate Your Data

Migrate Your Data

For migrating your store from Magento 1.x to Shopify, you will have to move your product data, customer data, and content. As the name suggests product data is the information of every item listed on your e-commerce site that you can migrate in a CSV format.

Benefits of Migration to Shopify

Shopify is Easier to Set Up

As compared to your Magento 1.x, Shopify takes less time and effort to set up. It has a user-friendly admin interface and you don’t have to deal with any of the complex things like hosting of the e-store. You can also go through the video guides on Shopify to learn more about setting it up.

Shopify is Customisable

Unlike Magento, Shopify provides you with a variety of themes to choose from. By going through these themes, you will see almost every possible option and you don’t have to settle anymore. You can edit it to look exactly how you wanted it to.

It is More Secure and Reliable

In Shopify, all your crucial data like customer’s details are highly secured. It takes plenty of safety measures for keeping the data safe. It also keeps your server upgraded so that customers can access the store anytime they want without any problem.

It Boosts Search Engine Optimization

With Shopify, you cannot just create a decent website but also promote it the right way. It has some of the most dominant SEO features that can rank your website higher on the SERP. The Shopify app store has an extensive range of marketing tools that will help your website have an edge over your competitors.

Are you ready for the Magento to Shopify Migraton?

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