No matter how much people talk about not judging a book by its cover, they will always go by the appearance of things before really coming across the functionality. A design can be a good design or a bad design.

But it is very important that your design creates that emotional connection with your target audience. Any random person can be influenced by a certain color, a font or maybe a certain image used in a design. People would like a design in general but would not prefer to use it for their business. The reason is that emotional connection that they could not build with the design which was good. So, let us look at some elements that can click the right chords of your target audience and eventually boost your business.


This is an important design element using which you can create web designs that speak. Choosing the right font styles and sizes across the webpage, you can enable your audience to perform a series of sections. That being said, you must ensure the compatibility of the chosen font across all major web browsers. If you choose an amazing font which is not compatible with some browsers, you may end up annoying your audience with those boxes instead of letters on the screen.

Brilliant Colors:

Colors are the basic and most integral part of design. A design with no colors would still have at least two colors, black and white. The colors not only decide the appearance of your website but the tone of your brand as well. Using brilliant colors makes your website stand out and your customers are able to connect instantaneously. There are various themes that you can choose for your website and according to the theme you can define what brilliant colors you would like to use. A unique website with the right choice of brilliant colors will always catch the attention of your audience.

SVG Graphics:

Web designers choose Scalable Vector Graphics over pixel based graphics for a lot of reasons these days. The scalability of SVG files is convenient and easy. Any file size can be used on the website without any compromises in the quality. Moreover, you can create kickass animations using SVGs using inline CSS styling. Add some glamor to your website that catches the attention of your audience and then give them the reason to stay with you.

Intuitive Mobile View:

The modern world is always on mobile so you cannot risk your website by not having mobile responsiveness. Target audience should be able to not only see your website in a mobile view but also use it. Ease of usability through gestures give your users an extra edge to remain on your website for longer time. The design is literally incomplete without intuitive mobile view of the website.

Full Screen Stock Photos:

Hero images that create a strong impact on the minds of your customers should be chosen carefully. The intent of using a hero image is to convey the purpose of the webpage without using any words. A pixelated picture would always annoy any normal human being. Thus, you must ensure that you are using a high quality stock photo. Full screen images create better impression as they cover all the negative space and the users get to focus only on the image and nothing else.

Icons for Storytelling:

Let your design speak and tell a story. That being said, you can always make your story more interesting with the use of icons. In modern design, if you are using a hero image on top of your page, you can place informative icons across the page with descriptive yet short headings. The idea is to keep the design minimal yet attractive. Designers can select from millions of icons available on different websites such as icon finder. An icon must be relatable to the user, of course, else it will not serve the main purpose.

Every moment, there are new trends in design that are influenced by anything and everything. With time as best web design company your professional’s skills must be updated as per the trends. However, you should never forget creating something that connects with the users. Only then, big brands will be created.



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