Will your child be more inclined to voice-search assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc., or traditional text-based searches? What do you think? The first option is supposedly the most voted one, and not just kids, most Internet users today prefer voice search over typing in queries on the web browsers. There were currently 4.2 billion voice assistants in 2023. According to the predictions made by Demandsage , the number could rise to 8.4 billion in 2024. With the modern upgradation of Natural Language Processing (NLP), this field of voice searching has broken its all-time high level, with the global voice recognition market forecasted to reach a 50 million dollar market cap by 2029.

Unlike the websites catering to text queries, making your websites pop up on top on voice-based searches is a different ball game! These audio searches generally generate the best website on top. Thus your webpage must possess such SEO-based content that makes it the best in the lot. This article goes through such SEO trends that shall be the game-changer in 2024. These SEO strategies are key to achieving success in digital marketing as well!

Why Voice Search Optimization (VSO) should be preferred over text searching?

Voice Search Optimization (VSO) is the modern technique of creating an online presence your content needs to attain to gather audiences in voice-based queries. Your website performance can be affected if you practice the same Search Engine Optimization methodologies to build your website today.

Though it doesn’t mean that you need to revise your SEO techniques from top-to-bottom, modification is a must. But before suggesting ways to improve the user experience of your webpage, you will be walked through the advantages of voice search compared to textual googling, first!

Here are its benefits listed below.

  1. Improve the traffic and engagement more –
  2. As you see the inclination of web browsing is more toward voice searching is more, there’s an alarming need for you to capitalize on that!

    Designing your website, keeping in your mind the 2024 SEO techniques of VSO should be a must. This will consequently attract more and more audiences and traffic to your platform.

  3. More brand awareness –
  4. Suppose you search – “Hey Siri, where is the best coffee shop in Los Vegas?” Rather than typing text and fetching results, hearing about it instills the name of the brand more in your brain. Needless to say, the brand name can also be passed on to the person sitting next to you, as well.

    Thus branding, or brand awareness is highly raised in the case of voice-based searching.

  5. Provides the ease of usability and best results –
  6. Using your voice to generate results, as compared to typing is always easier work to do. Additionally, these voice-based searching usually generates the top-rated results for the user. Thus it implies, that the searcher shall retrieve the best possible results in this case.

    This also means that the website optimization must be done in a way that your content has that X-factor to force the browser to provide it the topmost position.

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How to optimize your website for the best voice-oriented SEO performance?

Since you now already know the advantages of voice search optimization, here are the best practices lined up for how to bring out your SEO game!

  1. Using long-tail keywords is a brahmastra –
  2. “Knee sprain Medication required”, “What are the best medicines for healing a knee sprain?” – What do you think is a better search query? Of course, the second one right? This second phrase is an example of a Long-tail keyword. Make it a point to integrate more and more long-tail keywords into your content, as NLP-powered voice search is based more on conversational and full-length questionnaires.

    Thus, your website shall be equipped with such long-tail keywords. Your viewers will be more pulled toward content containing such best keyword optimization.

  3. Concentrate on localized keywords for SEO –
  4. In many cases, users ask questions to their voice assistant, which predominantly ends with a phrase like – “near me” or “close to me”. Thus businesses that cater to locations based on geographical regions should definitely concentrate on using localized SEO enhancement techniques for the best possible reach.

  5. Building mobile-friendly websites is a must –
  6. It goes without saying, that voice-based browser searches are performed on mobile devices 99% of the time. Thus your web developer should build a website that is extremely mobile-responsive. This shall bring you more audiences with voice search queries.

  7. Enhance the page load speed to the maximum –
  8. If your webpage caters to voice-based googling, then the speed at which your website loads shall be quite faster than average platforms.You can compress the size of the multimedia, reduce the length of codes, and integrate a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with your website, for the best user experience.

  9. Use conversational and natural language more –
  10. Interaction with the voice assistant mostly occurs in natural, colloquial language. Thus flood your website with content that is more conversational and free-flowing. Avoid using a tone that is too formal and technical.

  11. Don’t overlook the power of featured snippets –
  12. Featured snippets are the portions of the rendered webpage that the browser summarizes for you in a nutshell at the top. Voice assistants typically read out these snippets, thus targeting to enhance this metric can be a game-changer!

    Construct your content in a simple, easy bulleted format, so that it becomes easier for the browser to scan and fetch this portion with ease. This will eventually push the SEO ranking of your website above.

The Bottom-line

Write it, save it, paste it – Voice-search optimization is the future of SEO! With the technology of voice-activated systems on the rise, data protection and privacy shall also be a critical factor to shed light upon. Businesses shall make sure that this overflowing of sensitive voice data is taken care of, thus safeguarding it from breaches and misuses.

By analyzing the blog well, you shall be able to figure out the ways you can shape your website for voice search optimization. This shall convert your traffic into useful clients, and help reach your venture to a whole new online dimension!

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