While most digital marketing strategies are fast picking up throwing a lot of promises towards businesses, experts say PPC is all set to rule the game in 2018. The reasons are not far to seek.

Among the plethora of digital marketing campaign options in front of businesses, no single strategy can be as effective and as affordable like PPC. The results driven by PPC are almost instant, measurable and realistic. Also, the marketers can have a complete control over their spending on PPC advertising. Here is an overview of the power of PPC in 2018 and what it holds for businesses in this year.

Brand new interface

In the first place, AdWords has gained a brand new interface in 2018. The new UI makes analysing and reporting PPC campaigns easier and quicker. Since the new display can break down conversions, costs and clicks non-stop across your screen, you can now focus on testing and developing your landing pages and campaigns. The trend points out to more lead generation for your business.

Demographic targeting

Search ads can now benefit from the all-new feature launched by Google namely New Demographic Targeting for search ads. This feature can help target the demographics on the basis of age, gender, interests, household income and parental status. Further to this, you can also eliminate unnecessary clicks thereby saving the investment on PPC.

Data Studio

Google has now introduced Data Studio, the new method of reporting that can facilitate implementing sophisticated strategies to the ad campaigns, landing pages and bidding strategies besides saving a good deal of time on reporting.

The all new market audience feature

‘Market audiences’ is a very valuable feature that can be applied to advertisers on search networks. This feature can search query data and analyse activities to locate the ideal leads that are nearing the buying cycle. Now businesses can reach out the target demographic using other methods than just keywords and negative keywords. This is a big news for lenders and financial advertisers.

The new face of PPC in 2018

You will be shocked to know that your PPC marketing dollars are going down the drain line on account of slow landing pages and more load time on mobile devices. The AMP or accelerated mobile pages can now load up to 5 times faster thereby enhancing your conversion rates as well as campaign health.

Go for expanded ads

The expanded text ads offer a stronger visual appeal thereby assuring more click-through rates and conversion rates. However to achieve this you must go for two headlines instead of one, merge two descriptions into one field and add enticing call-to-actions like ‘get started’ or ‘apply here’.

Top PPC trends for 2018

Experts say audience targeting will drive the PPC campaigns in 2018. Marketers can benefit from highly segmented options and provide a highly personalized experience to their audience.

More automation tools are to revolutionize PPC campaigns in this year with Google seen continuously working on inventing such robust tools.

In 2018, social media platforms will be the most preferred channel for businesses to advertise and connect with a wider group of audience.

Experts also foresee that a considerable portion of PPC media budgets will move from Google AdWords to other ad platforms like Bing Ads, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Some PPC experts predict that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will receive a thrust in 2018 witnessing the Google’s AI skyrocket.

Google is fast updating its smart bidding technologies and launching smart display campaigns. Amidst this scenario, PPC marketers must not focus on adopting machine learning in 2018.

It is now or never

Looking from several angles, the prospects that PPC promises businesses in 2018 appear to get larger and wider. It is time that every business catches up quickly with the upstream capitalizing on what PPC can do for their marketing campaigns. If this does not happen, they are sure to be left behind giving up their business to those other smart players who have understood the power of PPC in 2018.



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