Investment in Social Media Marketing to Support SEO Strategy


Digital marketing is a process of performing different activities on the internet to bring traffic on website or app that would eventually convert into valuable customers. Search Engine Optimization has been playing an important role in online marketing since ages.

  • The search engines analyse different websites and pages to decide which websites should be ranked on the which number and page. While SEO strategists keep on experimenting with methods to show up in the top results, search engines are getting smarter each day. Today, your SEO techniques are more effective when framed around social media. You should invest in social media marketing to support your SEO strategy.
  • Majority of the modern day customers make their final buying decision after researching about the company on different social media platforms (not just Facebook). Some of the businessmen still think of Facebook as the only social media platform that is popular. However, Instagram, Quora, Stumble Upon, Tumblr, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube are some of the best performing platforms in terms of sales
  • 1. Creating the influence on social media:

    You might have heard the term ‘Influencer Marketing’ which involves influencers or bloggers to promote services or products with a personalized review about the same. Content is the king in any kind of marketing. It should be informative for your target audience. Posts that do not spread brand awareness would not be useful for Google or any other engine. Participating in discussions can help you gain visibility among your audience. These might seem small steps but the results are long term. Once you are able to create a strong brand value on social media, your business will never be short of leads or conversions (and this is our primary purpose of doing all this).

  • 2. Using different types of content:

    Content is not just about words and text written all over your profile. It is said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and ‘a video is worth 1000 pictures’. The social media platforms let you share pictures, videos, audios, and gifs in addition to textual posts. Emphasize on creating informative videos that will help you enhance your SEO efforts. Youtube channel can help you keep all your videos in one place and your ranks will improve accordingly. As a next step, you can share your youtube videos on other platforms to target different sections of your audience. Not to mention, you can always use the uploaded videos on your website pages for that extra impact on the visitors.

  • 3. Listen to the voice search power :

    Devices with Google Assistant are getting popular day by day and this is evident from the fact that one out of every 5 searches is from voice search.
    Businesses that have a stronger social media presence tend to have better SEO rankings. Thus, it is beneficial to invest in an in-house marketing team that promotes the services and creates brand presence across all major platforms of social media.