If you are targeting local customers and not getting enough results, you may be missing out on the Local SEO 3-pack strategy. Businesses use local SEO to optimize local search results in search engines.

To rank higher in the results and to improve your business’s overall visibility, it is crucial to have an understanding of the local SEO 3 pack. Incorporating digital advertising services into your local SEO strategy can further amplify your reach and engagement with potential customers.

In this blog, we will help you understand the Local SEO-3 pack, why it is important, and how you can rank your local businesses higher in the search results. So, read along!

What is a Local Seo 3-pack and Why It is Important?

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The Local Pack, Google 3-pack, or Map Pack is a feature that is shown at the top of the Search Engine Results Page when any user initiates a search at the local level. So, if you are looking for “pizza in Chandigarh,” you’ll get the top three best results and pizza shops to visit. You can always narrow your search further.

For example, if you search “pizza in sector 43 Chandigarh,” you’ll get different results. Local searches account for approx. 45% of all Google searches. This is why optimizing for local search is critical for your business. A local seo services of 3-pack helps both businesses and users searching for any nearby service. For searchers, the Local Pack simplifies the search.

It directs consumers to a local business’s website, contact information, etc. It also helps individuals make better judgments by comparing their results and the distance from their present location. The Local seo benefits local companies since it helps them rank at the top of SERP results. It enhances their online presence and exposure in the market. It, of course, offers them an edge over other companies that don’t rank.

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Tips and Techniques for Rankings in the Local SEO 3-Pack

Now that you have an idea of what Google 3-Pack is and why it is crucial, you must expect beneficial outcomes for yourself. Here’s how to get there:

    1. Set up a Google Business Profile
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    This is the most important stage since only businesses that are registered with Google Business Profile (GBP) are eligible to be ranked in the Local Pack. So, the first step is to get yourself signed up for GBP. To do so, go to Google Business Profile and select the “Manage Now” option. Next, enter your company’s name and address into the search box, then pick or add it.

    Remember: It’s important to authenticate your business for credibility and reliability.

    2. Check if you’re in the top 20 or not

    Before you optimize your listing, access your present status about ranking. Determining whether or not you are in the top 20 list in your location is crucial in order to effectively draw the plan. Well, this “top 20 list” keeps on changing as per the location and various other factors. If you are in the top 20 list in your area, you have an edge over other businesses to move higher in the ranking list.

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    3. Fill up all accessible and necessary details
    It’s crucial to fill up all the information on your listing to optimize it to Google’s ranking requirement. This will help in convincing Google that your company is genuine and deserves a higher ranking and appreciation. The information that you add includes your contact info, email, URL of your website, etc. You can also add some real images of your business space to build customer trust in your services.

    4. Get reviews for your profile


    Positive reviews usually work a lot in favor of local businesses. Reviews help customers in figuring out if the website and the services are worth considering. In fact, according to the data, around 85% of buyers rely on website reviews.

    In 2017 Forbes conducted a study about online reviews that show some Interesting Facts about how reviews affect buyer journey.

    1. 90% of consumer read reviews before making any purchase
    2. 67.7% of people make their purchase decision after reading reviews.
    3. 74% online buyers say that if a business has positive reviews they will trust that more.

    Additionally, earning reviews will increase your online exposure. When people see your 5 ratings in the local SEO 3-pack, they will be more interested in your company’s services.

    5. Craft your company description with local keywords
    Write a compelling company meta description with local keywords in mind to optimize your Google visibility. Ensure it thoroughly describes your services. Plus, you can incorporate local keywords to boost your chances of ranking higher. Recommendations include assessing search volumes, organizing keywords, etc. For deeper insights, consult our expert team at WillShall.

    6. Leverage social media Power

    Social media marketing is a powerful tool to interact and connect with your local customers. It’s best to build a stronger relationship with your audience by communicating through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. With a genuine social media marketing company , you can improve your business’s Google listing.

    By encouraging followers to visit your website, you’ll increase traffic and improve your organic reach and Google rating. Furthermore, social media provides a platform for getting feedback. Positive customer experiences shared on networks can lead to more clicks on your Google listing.

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