Holi Celebration in office

  • Holi is a spring festival celebrated predominantly in northern & eastern region of India. The festival signifies the arrival of spring & the end of winter. The festival is a symbolic representation of togetherness, spreading love, and colors.
  • Holi is quite popular for bringing people together and generating lots of fun moments. The splash of rainbow colors and water all around creates a great atmosphere in the entire country. Relatives and friends visit each other and rejoice mutually.
  • We too had an amazing Holi party at WillShall in which the entire staff participated enthusiastically. The party began with everybody gathering in the lawn outside the office where they were all welcomed by snacks and drinks. After eating and chatting, the real fun began.
  • The colors for the celebration were brought outside in a tray. Each of the employees along with the MDs were quick enough to get their hands full of colors and start putting them on each other. Everybody completely forgot about their blues and were focussed on coloring each other’s face as much as possible. the sprinkles of water and colors everywhere were so beautiful to watch. All the people shared a really happy moment together.
  • And of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without a group picture. So, we all stood there like a big, happy family and got our pictures clicked.
  • Holi-willshall-picture
  • Festivals like this last only for a day and come once a year but the memories and traditions that are associated with these are what make them special.
  • WillShall wishes that the colors of Holi adorn your life forever. Wish you and your family a very Happy Holi from our team.
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