• International Women’s Day celebrates the virtue and spirit of all women across the world. It is the perfect occasion to make our ladies feel special and to express our gratitude towards the undeniable role that they play in our lives.
  • At WillShall, we honour our esteemed ladies every day. 50% of the staff at our company is composed of women, making them the driving force behind the success of our company. So, a celebration for our women is a definite must.
  • Keeping up with the tradition, the ladies of WillShall had special Women’s Day activities listed for them like every year. This morning, they were all welcomed to the office with a rose and chocolate. After that, a fun quiz game was conducted for the ladies exclusively. In the game, the women were divided into two teams and all of them had to answer questions
    related to women. At the end of the game, each of them was asked to showcase their individual talents where Divyanshi mimicked her colleagues while Arti sang a song. Monica, Anshika and Nancy gave dance performances. The entire office rejoiced with the ladies and that is how we revelled our women on this day.
  • We salute them and all the ladies in the world for their endless contributions to making the world a better place. For we owe our existence to them, we must make sure that this world is safe and secure for them so that they can feel free and celebrate their day, not just once in a year but every day.


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