Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms that help businesses to create an online store quickly and efficiently. The platform is the house of more than 800,000 businesses across the globe. That said, getting an online store- stocking inventory, driving traffic, and boosting sales can be a challenging task for any business owner. However being a new store owner or you just want to take your sales to a whole new level, Shopify can assist you in that!

Let us delve deeper to know the top 5 ways the e-commerce giant platform Shopify can amplify your sales and revenue.

1. Choose the Right Platform to Create The Online Store

Ecommerce is the future of shopping and creating a no-fuss online store is the best-fitted solution for any merchant. With that said, “Shopify” is your savior- the best platform to easily set up and create an online store with minimum technical expertise. It doesn’t matter, if you are an experienced or newbie seller-reap the ultimate benefits of Shopify by creating a mobile responsive e-store, generate enormous revenue!

2. With Shopify Online Store Create 3D Models And Augmented Reality Of Products

This tech-savvy online generation loves the experience of viewing the product in 3D dimensions. So Shopify is the online e-commerce platform that is offering its online merchants to create incredible videos, 3D models, and augmented reality of the products to boost sales and fend off the competitors. As per recent Shopify data, via 3D and AR approx. 250% conversion rate has been procured by the online store owners. Thus potently present the product to your customer that helps them to make a positive decision.

3. Sell Anywhere With Shopify POS apps

Once you enter the Shopify world there are myriads of benefits including the Shopify POS app and Shopify payments. The app is a one-stop shop to sell your ultimate product to the real world i.e. bringing life to your online store on the go! Whether you are in a festival, pop-up shop, or at your local grocery store – process the order and simply take the payment. Plus, you can track every sale as the app links the online store to the Shopify account which makes sure inventory and account -match up, despite wherever you sell. Furthermore, the app is available with Shopify basic plan but if you switch to upgrade there are some added features like register shifts, creating staff accounts, and staff PINs.

4. Discount Codes Stood The Test Of Time

The idea of “Buy One Get One” is always a win! Win scenario for Shopify seller to boost sales and magnify customer trust. There are a plethora of options available on the Shopify store to offer to its customers such as free shipping, blanket-discount on complete orders, and reward discounts to loyal customers. The concept has been considered as a highly effective strategy to drive traffic and converting potential customers into buyers!

5. Easy Scalability with Shopify

Another ultimate perk with Shopify is the scalability factor. No matter if your inventory is created for just a handful of loyal customers or you have dozens of products for millions of patrons, every e-commerce best-fitted solution is available at Shopify. Additionally, with Shopify plus high-end merchants get full access to meet the growing demand of the customers. The incredibly easy to use SaaS platform has 99.99% guarantee uptime with the server handling four million hits every second. Plus, the server is capable of handling millions of orders per minute without ramming down the website. What’s more? Users get unlimited bandwidth along with 200TB of storage. With huge players like Nestle, Kylie Cosmetics, and Red bull switching to Shopify- makes the platform more authentic and the best for every business owner looking to thrive for success!

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