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The Art of Robert Templateon



Robert Templeton (May 11, 1929 – July 16, 1991) was an American artist. Known for his portrait of former President Jimmy Carter displayed in the National Portrait Gallery’s Hall of Presidents, Templeton was very prolific with many high profile portrait commissions. His work also includes the civil rights collection “Lest we forget…Images of the Black Civil Rights Movement”, highlighting seminal figures from the movement.


The Art of Robert Templateon

What we did


Robert Templeton was a renowned American Artist, his paintings represent America’s different era in classy way. Whether it’s a portrait of the President Jimmy Carter or civil rights movement his painting are highly illustrative. We had a very detailed discussion with Mr. Tim Templeton (son of Robert Templeton) to know more about him, his work so that we can create website which reflects vintage style of his paintings.

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The Art of Robert Templateon