Office Activity Blog


WillShall conducted another fun activity for their employees to keep their spirits up. This time around all the enthusiastic members participated in the exciting game called Pop the Balloon

  • As the game goes, everyone was given a balloon and were asked to tie it to their left legs. The last one standing without getting his/her balloon popped is declared as the winner. Soon as the game began the room filled with the sound of popping balloons.
  • In between all the laughter and enjoyment, the game came down to the final three players. With another 20 minutes of cheering and hooting, we finally had a winner. Further, the winner was presented with a prize as well.
  • At WillShall, we understand how important it is to keep yourself stress-free and make time to have some fun. Therefore, we allow our team members to enjoy and bond with each other over different games.
  • Annual Party
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